Thursday Thought & Blog

Strive Challenge with Sam Branson & our Head Coach & You! Can we do it today…?

Strive Challenge – support our Head Coach Kim with this very short notice crazy challenge … come on Team Enerigsed, we can do it, together, hit the fundraising total and share our stories at the Energised Meal –

I often ask my clients these questions when making a decision…

What will I gain from doing it?

Friendships, fun, involvement in something that makes a huge difference to children & young people’s lives, opportunities, conversations, confidence, courage, strength. Raising more money towards our £40k target in our 10th year of Energised Performance, we are nearly there!

What will I lose from doing it?

Sleep, recovery time for well being.

What will I gain by not doing it?

Sleep, recovery time! It’s just a day. And I a lovely holiday coming up, so the balance, which is key, is in place.

What will I lose by not doing it?

The opportunity to make a difference, to inspire through adversity that things can still be done, to make others smile, to believe in possibility and potential always.

And so with less than 24hrs I find myself signed up! This is the route we will be running: – please do come and say hello on route!! I will be a while 🙂 You can support me if you feel inclined (and I would be most grateful here:

So how will I prepare when I it less than 24 hours before I should be nearer the finish….?!

I have slept and rested well, eaten lots of good foods, written up my blogs, and will refine my mental strength plan for the event. What do I want to feel, who are my models of excellence, what is my best race possible plan, and strategies for overcoming limits. Refining my mental strength, keeping my pace, being happy with being last if that happens, enjoying the moments and thinking of all the clients who inspire me to be the best Coach I can possibly be. To do this for them, for the Big Change, for Strive & for me.

Wooo hoo, no idea how when only asked Tuesday but I’ve just jogged a marathon from the 02 arena to gravesend in around 5hrs, with Virgin STRIVE Challenge, raising money for big change with Sam Branson & friends, powered by Bounce Balls UK. One crazy day.. to get back to Bristol! Your support rocks, love you all, big sweaty thank you. xx