#MagicMay & #Energised is 10 Years Old!!


I cannot actually believe that 10 years ago, on the 4th May 2004, I formed Energised Performance.

I had always had a vision that I wanted to make a difference, I wanted to show people how to become fitter and stronger, in their bodies and minds.  That they could do anything, and achieve anything and like the person they are.  I’m not really sure if that vision extended to 10 years, yes, you make plans and set goals, yet things happen, good and challenges, and you never quite know how things will turn out.

Well, all I can say is Energised has turned out great, and that’s because of all of YOU, each person who has ever read our blogs, been on a course, trained with us each week or been on a workshop. You have helped me to make Energised what is is today.  You inspire me to create a better service and give you the very best each week, to keep learning and developing myself to be inspire you to do the same.  I have learned so much from each of you as clients, been inspired & humbled by your generosity, support, courage and commitment to overcome your challenges, big or little, mental or physical.

So this Celebration of 10 Years is for you… its for the Energised Coach Team, the support Team, everyone who has ever believed and encouraged me, the Coaches, Trainers and colleagues who have pushed me… everyone!  Give yourself a BIG high 5, celebrate what you have achieved and overcome, I am proud, so very proud to have you as part of this wonderful Team Energised.  So thank you.  As we enter our 2nd Decade, I hope we can inspire you to realise even more of your amazing potential.

So join us in May to commit to achieving more, being a better version of you, and having the courage to shine bright. Join the Team Energised Family and make a positive difference to your life and those around you.

Below is a snap shot of 10 Energised Things to Celebrate, I could have listed at least 100… so feel free to share and thank you, you rock.

1. The Birth & Growth: My Support

I have worked with the most amazing group of coaches and trainers to gain knowledge and grow my business… special thanks to Norrie Barner at McLaren High School who believed in this right from the beginning, to Premier Global, BRAVE in Bristol, Emma James NLP Training,  & one personal Coach who has been with me since I started, Sara Wheeler. And of course, the Energised Coach Team…. you ROCK!  Currently including Gail White, Sports Therapy & PA, Paul & Nina, Training & Sports Therapy, Claire Book Keeping, Jason and Jeremy Websites and George Accounts, super team…. there really are sooo many people who make a business work, who push my knowledge and enhance what we give you.  Thank you all!

2. The First Clients who are Still with Us

So many amazing clients have come through Energised over the years. I am so proud to still know many from 2004, and work with them.  Julie, I am now ‘special’ friend to her beautiful daughter Poppy, born on 4th May too,  Ali Mills who I still follow with three day eventing and riding, and Jim Mellon, who inspires me regularly to become better and wiser. Then the wonderful Kalpna Woolf, Dee O’Brien, Celina, Stella, Fredrick Tomas and Lorraine Welsh are the Bristol ‘first’ crew… with Maria in Paris and Doug in Scotland.  What a wonderful bunch of people who started the #teamenergised family.  Do come and join us, a positive, happy, relaxed, supportive group of people…

3. Our Energised ‘Children’

We sponsor two children through Plan UK, Egen in Haiti and Princess in Ghana, both born in February, they are 5 years old and we look forward to them growing up with Energised and visiting them in the future.

4. Energised Fundraising and Giving Back

Since 2004 we have raised around £35,000 for charity, massive well done to you all!  It’s my aim to hit £40,000 by the end of May, for our 10th Birthday with a big Double Challenge for me with the Sierra Leone Marathon & Fit Factor Live Show, plus lots of little Energised events.  Over the years we have done an Ironman, numerous Bootcamps, races, trekked across the Andes on a horse, the Tough Guy and a Sky Dive. Giving back is so important, and I hope that this has made a difference to many charities over the years. Maybe we will have the Energised Foundation one day!

5. The Big Challenges & Achievements

All you clients have achieved great things…. so many to list from huge weight loss & overcoming medical conditions to completing your first triathlon or race.  Whatever we love giving you the confidence and tools that anything is possible.  Clients have trekked up Mount Kilimanjaro, Trekked to the North Pole, hiked in the Jungle,  Marathon de Sable, LEJOG Bike and many, many more challenges… whatever you have in your mind, do share with us and let us help you achieve your goals 🙂

6. The Energised Team GB & Celebrity Summary

We have been really lucky to work and travel with Team GB as part of the Sports Therapy Team since 2005 for Triathlon Age Group, and individually with 5 different sports for Olympics, currently with 2016 and 2020 athletes.  We have also worked with Comedians, Strictly Come Dancing, Last Woman Standing, Hyde Park Live Gigs, Premier Models, massaged the Teletubbies and Pantomines as well as lots of charity events, so much fun 🙂

7. The Team Energised Family Worldwide

So lucky that with our online service and Skype coaching you can coach with us anywhere, we have clients in Qatar, Saudi, New Zealand, New York, L.A., South Africa, Kenya, Germany, France & Holland….. come and join us!!

8. Our Brand Ambassadors & Associates

We link up with excellence to offer you the best, so that if we can’t, we know someone who will.  From specific coaching for events, to surgeons and doctors we know who to turn to and thank them for some great work, just ask us how.  We have had great associate links with Green Powder, Phil Richards Supplements, Torq, Ikon Clothing, Sweaty Betty, Shock Absorber, Mizuno & Infinity Pro for years… and hope this helps add value to what we can offer you.

9. Our Awards – Lights to You

We are super proud to have won the IFS Personal Trainer of the Year 2007 & Life Fitness Global Trainer to Watch 2013/14 Awards with some exciting things coming for you all this year…

10. To the Future & Beyond

I just want to grow Energised Performance and what we offer you… continuing to give you the best, offer you a more comprehensive service on line, and give you tools to enhance your confidence to become fitter, stronger, bolder and braver to be your best, Inside and Out, Mind and Body. More about all of this coming in June after the May Challenges are done!

For now, once again the BIGGEST thank you for reading this, for being part of Energised and for making things happen.

Celebrate YOUR Success, whatever that may be in the last 10 years, jump up and down and be proud of you, even if this is the first time you have read this blog 🙂

And to anyone not mentioned, I thank you, there are so many, many people who are part of Energised and I give you a sprinkle of magical Energised powers and thanks!

So, this weekend we have a raffle for two little charities, combined with the Big Charity Bootcamp, and next weekend we have the Run Bristol 10km.

Raffle Prizes include £50 Vouchers with EP Coaches, Dynamint, Torq, Limited Edition Hooded Tops, Breo Watch, Jewellry and Much more… £5 per ticket to St Peters Hospice, Frank Water & Access Sport.  Draws will be made after the Charity Bootcamp Saturday.

Tonight we have the Big Birthday Party at Gold Brick House, 7.15 – 11pm, do come along, all welcome.

Big Happy Bank Holiday Weekend… May you have a #MagicMay!

If you have a moment and would like to nominate us, we would love you too… and big thank you in advance:  www.everywoman.com/ewawards