Inspiring Energised Ladies….

I am fortunate that I love what I do, and I work with some amazing people from teenagers to people in their 80’s, Elite sports people to stunt women, businessmen to Mum’s – it is a pleasure to work with each person and whilst my aim is to help people to feel good, inside and out, enhancing their wellbeing and performance…. I learn from each client I work with! So thank you all 🙂

With that in mind I wanted to give a few of my clients… ladies first (men in another blog soon!) a ‘shout out’ for their inspiring results and achievements…

4 Amazing Ladies… have a read and be inspired!

1. Got to be Sophie Whitworth

Sophie is a wonderful individual, and one of the most talented athletes, who works full time that I have ever met. Her focus, determination and passion for life, and sport is inspiring. It is an honour to work with Sophie and I am so Proud of all her achievements. In 2011 she won National, Euorpean and World GOLD medals in her age group category in Triathlon, often winning out right. This year, she has started the season winning her age Group at St Croix 70.3 Half Ironman, gaining a place to race in Kona, Ironman later this year… watch this space is all I can say.

To read more about Sophie (you may even wish to sponsor her if it seems appropriate to your business!) visit:

2. Next up: Rhona Borthwick

Rhona has been a client of mine for a couple of years, with a complicated medical history, Rhona suffers from a condition called Myasthenia Gravis ( Working with her is a learning curve for both of us on a daily experience, as recently she suffered a swelling on her brain – which resulted in her losing her short term memory (spending some time in hopsital) and now 6 weeks on I am pleased to say she is doing really well.  In time I know she will be back at Bootcamp, climbing hills in Scotland (and dancing), running 5km’s and laughing with us all again. Her determination, kindness towards others and positive outlook to her condition, whilst challenging for her, is outstanding. To learn to cope for Rhona has been an incredible journey, and I am sure with the support of her wonderful cousin Sandra, and a great support network she will be in a better, healthier and happier place very soon.

This weekend I set off to Scotland for Part 2 of my Charity Challenge (supporting Rhona & MG is one of my charities) to complete the Caldeonian Etape on Sunday… 82miles, with a 6 hour time limit and a few hills in the Bonnie Land! Following the London Marathon one month ago – I have to admit, it definately is a challenge and one I am really looking forward to (with a little natural apprehension!).

To find out more, and read about the 5 charities and support them visit:

3. Camilla Dallerup

This lady just shows you how to have the courage and commitments to follow your dreams in life and what is possible if you do so. Honestly, spend some time in her company and she will remind you that you really do create your own luck, through hard work, self belief, courage and determination.

In three years she has achieved too many things to list, but to summarise she has Won Strictly Come Dancing, qualified as a Master NLP Practioner and Hypnotherapist, presented on several mainstream TV programmes and is now touring the UK with the box office hit, Calender Girls on stage. No magic recipe or extra support – just pure focus, motivation and courage.

I would encourage you to take a moment to write three little things down, that if you did them they would make a big difference in your life right now. Then right three big things down that would like to do, but are not sure how you could make them happen. Then spend a little time working out what you would need to do to make it a possibility… it may take a while, so then ask yourself if this is in line with what you would like to achieve … if the answer is yet, begin to move towards that goal today…. let us know how you get on!

To find out more, to book Camilla or see her in Calender Girls ( she is brilliant!) visit:

4. Mel Ryding

Once again – this lady is inspirational :-)! From 2205 to now, Mel has lost 4.5stone an gone from being relatively inactive to qualifying for the GB age group triathlon team – in 2011 she will be representing GB for the third time!  What is so amazing with Mel is that she works full time, and has developed a fully comprehensive website – packed full of useful and interesting information, that is appropriate for all levels of athlete. Like the three ladies above, she shows you what is possible if you just have the courage to believe in yourself (just a little bit to start with is all you need!), and then find a support team of friends, family or/and professionals to help you achieve your goals.

Mel has also developed an on line magazine called Ryding to Health which is a lifestyle, wellbeing and fitness. Click here to visit it

To visit Mel’s personal website – so much good stuff, and sponsor her visit:

I could list sooo many of my clients who all achieve such wonderful results from having the courage to join our weekly bootcamps and complete their first 5km, to trekking to the North Pole for Breast Cancer, doing crazy stunts, three day event riding over some huge fences on their horses to aiming for the 2012 Olympics…

Whatever your goal, however big or small it doesn’t matter, as long as it matters to you!  We will work with you to help you achieve that goal – be that internal (feeling confident and happy in yourself), and/or external to achieving a certain look, completing a race, achieving a personal best, completing a charity challenge or whatever…..

Just get in touch, post your comments below of your proudest acheivement and be PROUD of the person you are 🙂