** Energised Clients Duty of Care – Coronavirus Update, Please Read **

Dear Energised Clients,

I hope you are well? I am thinking of you all.

I am sure you are receiving many emails and notifications, so I would value your time to read our blog so we can look after you in the best way possible. And however you are feeling is okay, and I am here to support you 100%.

*** ❤️16.3.20: Energised Duty of Care Update ❤️

👀PLEASE Read – We have made the heartfelt decision to suspend all our in person treatments & training sessions at the Energised Performance Clinic for the best care of our clients, team, families and friends. I have found this an incredibly tough decision yet equally a million percent the right one.

If you have any further questions or concerns please do let us know.

We do and can offer Skype sessions for anyone who would like help or support, training plans or advice. I will be offering them at a pay what you can rate during this period. They are effective and may offer good support during this time. We would still request 24hrs notice if cancelling to help us keep flowing.

Any support for little businesses during this time is greatly valued and we thank you for your support. Like everyone it feels a daunting, unknown time. My little business has overcome encephalitis, suicide and I have the commitment to you all to support you all and ride this.

If you have a little business, charity, been made redundant, working in the medical/caring teams you legends, or just you need support, do share – it’s going to be a test for everyone in different ways. Once I’ve sorted the logistics of Energised and taken care of everyone booked in I will be turning to offering you all support on a daily basis. If you need me in anyway, please reach out.

If you are lonely, fearful, worried, excited by the downtime to create, wondering how to train, what supplements, how to sleep…. connect. Online coaching makes a big impact and you will now have time.

We are here for you. Whatever.

Let us help you, reach out.

Provisionally we are saying bookings from 11th May, but this may be pushed back into June, we will let you know.

Thank you in advance, big Energised strength,

Kim, Gail, Kate and the Team x