Bank Holiday catch up

A busy weekend with mixed weather for those out and about.

We had the Westonbirt 10km, Edinburgh half and full marathon, Tim Pocock, Deborah Roberts and Team EP out doing their thing with style. Sue Hendry trying her first open water swimming session with John gaining confidence.

And last but by no means least, Head Coach Kim out in Sierra Leone with Roland rat, for those on facebook and twitter you’ll have been getting updates sent to me (Gail) from Kim over the last few days, so a quick summary of what Kim has been up:

Day 1 shower buckets with lizards and bugs, very little access to the internet, street child work at a primary school & business projects – she described it as amazing, chaotic, beautiful people.

Day 2 a project out near Makeni near the mining, long day, very hot, amazing children and the dreaded Roland making an appearance – marathon prospect not looking good.

Day 3 African tummy, Kim may be the first on the Summer Hot Bod course after using chocolate and crisps to settle everything down.

Day 4 Live feed running from the SL marathon page keeping everyone updated. 37 degrees and humid, Kim (number 323) jogged and walked through the most remote parts of Sierra Leone and completed in 8hrs 30mins, exhausted but happy.

And to quote Kim from a previous blog on setting goals and challenges;

“If you are reading this and thinking I could never do that…. YOU CAN. Trust me, we are all normal people, you just have to commit, have courage and get the right support, create the time and go for it…. I dare you to have courage to…”