4 Big Days = Asian Awards, Jamie Oliver, Body Power & Capella Foundation, Read On!

Wow, what a crazy, wonderful, empowering 4 days….. there really is some amazing things going on! Have a quick read of about these brilliant events and people.

Day 1 – Asian Women of Achievement Awards 

Energised Kalpna Woolf only went and won the Media Award for outstanding work within the BBC.  Kalpna kindly invited me along to the Awards Celebration at the Hilton, Park Lane.  Such an array of colour and beauty, inspiring and success surrounded the celebrations for the evening.  I felt exceptionally priviliged to be asked by Kalpna to be one of her guests, and exceptionally proud to see her win the Award and give an amazing speech, well done Kalpna! To read more click here: http://realbusiness.co.uk/article/19713-asian-women-of-achievement-awards-2103-the-winners

Day 2 – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, Proud Bristol Ambassador

I headed off to Orchard School in Bristol to give a workshop about feeling good, inside and out to a great group of kids.  It’s Jamie and the Team’s passion to promote healthy, fresh food for children and adults alike, helping you to cook from fresh and feel energised by what you eat.  We had a lively discussion about what foods are good to eat, what your brain looks like (slime apparently!) and what simple exercises help to keep you feeling fit and strong.  It was a short, but amazing time discussing something that I feel really passionate about, combined with body confidence.  I really hope we can empower people to see how easy and simple it is to eat & move your body to feel good – to find out more click here: http://www.jamieoliver.com/foundation/

Day 3 – BodyPower, B Fit in Birmingham NEC with the Fitness Writers Association 

Driving up to Birmingham with some of the Energised Team I was really looking forward to the day, following presenting at B-Fit last year in London I was a little apprehensive as I had never been to Body Power! I know it is packed full of super fit people, in a different environment to our usual mud and outdoor antics!  However, it was brilliant, exceptionally busy and full to the brim with nutritional advice, the latest training techniques and top inspirational people.

If you get a chance to hear these people speak or train with them, do, they are some of the industry’s best & we always learn a lot from them – Premier Global Richard Scrivener, Ben McDonald & Ben Pratt, Ben Coomber, Jordan’s Fitness Academy, Galaxy Girls, Emma Louise Burrows, Richard Callender, Nina Ross Fitness, Caroline Pearce & Kelly Rennie to name but a few.   We watched some of the Fit Factor modelling competition, and as my brother said, pretty impressive physiques combined with academic and personal success.  It’s not an area Energised has ever entered into, but perhaps this would be a winter challenge, a few of the Team have mentioned it?  We’ll do the Amsterdam Running Road Trip first!

To find out more click here or for specific advice or products just be in touch: http://www.bodypower.tv/

Fancy a Quick Workout, here’s my Medicine Ball Workout being testedhttp://lungesandlycra.co.uk/fancy-a-quickie-med-ball-circuit/

Day 4 – Capella Foundation 24hr Charity Challenge – 24 exercise classes in 24hrs with the Wolf Pack, Bristol

I don’t know how they did it as I write this, totally amazing what focus, passion and team spirit will do for a great cause.  I popped back from BodyPower to do a Zumba class, something which I have never done before and really was quite amusing!  I now know why the Strictly Dancers are so fit, 8 hrs dance training is not something I could do at the moment! I think what the Team have put together and the money they have raised is simple amazing. Massive well done to each and everyone of them.

To find out more & support click here: http://www.thecapellafoundation.com/

So that’s my Big 4 Days – what has been your highlight over the last 4 days?

My overall learning from all the different things is, that if you really want to change something you can. If you really want to make a difference, look different, feel & think differently you can. All these people and events happened from an idea, and a great team…. what could you do with that idea or thought you keep thinking I wish I could but……