#WednesdayWorkout: Happy Hot Bod



Happy Hot Bod – come and join us, starting Sunday 21st For 30 Days…. Recipes, Workouts, Thoughts and much more… online, sign up here:



Here’s a taster workout – Circuit 1. – HIIT based, no kit, assume warmed up – skipping, trampoline, jogging, stretch, roll , cool down – adaptions in brackets


Assuming you do as many as you can in 40 secs, rest for 20 secs and repeat 4-8 depending on your fitness levels


Burpees (with shoulder taps)


Side Shuttle Runs – 2 strides each side, back strong, head looking up


Squat Thrusts (step single leg easier option)


Sit Up, Get Up, Jump (using alternate hands to get up, aiming not to use your hands)


Wide Squat into Tuck Jump (easier option no tuck in the jump, easier still no jump)


Skater Lunge Jumps (Moving lunges or static lunges easier options)


Cool down, stretch & foam roll



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