Self sabotage….. Ooo juicy thought!

But something I feel is so important to mention as I often get asked, how can I stop self sabotaging things/myself? Why do we self sabotage? It’s really complex, yet it keeps us safe, it prevents us ‘relaxing’ and getting comfortable (or that’s the illusion we tell ourselves), it stops us finding happiness in the moment, making decisions, being happy with success or working out why something ‘failed’, committing and growing…. or pausing and recharging. Self sabotage is like your ‘old friend’ but actually isn’t very kind, nothing you do or say to yourself you would actually say to an old friend right?

I’m not saying its easy to stop, yet trust me, you will have so much more energy, focus and flow if you start to reduce it.

Try these to help….

So notice when you are being unhelpful to yourself, pause and ask yourself why? Write it down and make a plan to being a little less unhelpful. So I’m not saying ignore it and pretend to be happy, just notice when you’re not helpful and try to be more helpful to yourself.

Choose a word for the day (calm, I’m okay if you’re really tired etc or perhaps confident, strong, happy if you’re having a good day). Breathe this word in for 6 deep breathes and breathe out any anxiety, worry or fears – aim to do this twice a day to start with and notice the difference in your breathing if nothing else
Notice how you think and feel towards yourself with success, body image, things not working out, decisions, praise, self esteem, confidence, habits & decisions…. choose one this week to do a little writing in a journal & start to think about how you can be more helpful with the story & outcome.

I mentor so many incredible people who constantly self sabotage any success or failure, rules of when they will be happy / why they don’t deserve to be happy etc, it’s a double bind then …. where is happiness? Happiness for me is a ‘journey’ which ebbs and flows, learning how to be helpful, respectful & courageous with yourself ….

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