#TuesdayThought when is the right time?

My little thought for this week is about time….. many people have said ‘but I’m toooo busy to change things right now but I really want to join/do/achieve xxxx, I’ll wait until the right time’ 🤔

I was thinking about this, when is the ‘right time’? It’s often about when we have time, but if we don’t decide to make the time…. when will the right time be?! Phew 😅 that’s a question and a half… what do you think.

I think it’s about priorities and being comfortable about getting uncomfortable, changing habits with commitment and consistency to move to where we want to be…. but this is often scary & not guaranteed to work so we stay where we are…?

My vision is to help as many people as I can grow their Inner Confidence & awesomeness, to feel fit, strong and Energised, in mind, body and soul to go do what lights a spark deep within them, and live their life fully.

Too busy to change is often a distraction and overwhelm technique to avoid pausing, changing and generally taking a risk…. I’ve been there, yet Fear and courage work together to create amazing possibility.

So movement, running, fitness, adventures, learning and enabling others are me ‘thing’…. here is my vulnerability …. I’m often ‘too busy’ to do style/make up/high heels things, learning a language, dealing with situations where missed deadlines from other businesses are a risk to my customer value, as they are my positive uncomfortable growth area!

Yet, if I fully engage in them, get an awesome support team and I’m not afraid to ask for help and get damn accountable with myself, I grow and it adds massive value to all areas in my life.

It used to be public speaking but I hired a coach and practiced until now I love it, with a bit of positive fear & become an Official TEDx speaker.

Plus, it means as your coach, I’m practicing what I’m recommending, which is only authentically fair right?!

So ask yourself today….. if you are too busy right now, is it good busy or a distraction?

Love to know, big support, Kim & the Team


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