#ThursdayTherapy post injury treatment – ice vs heat?


Post injury treatment is something a lot of clients get confused about, in particular using ice or heat. EP Sports Therapist Becky explains which situation they are best suited to…..

Ice is for injuries, it works best as a pain reliever particularly for new injuries where swelling and heat is present, but it can also be great for chronic injuries like tendinopathies. Safe application of ice to your skin can relieve symptoms from sprains, strains, bruises, and inflammation from bursitis or tendinitis. However, although an effective pain reliever you may still need rehabilitation to get rid of the injury. If you’re unsure on timings for applying ice, stick with when its numb your done!

Some people don’t always feel the benefit of icing but in my experience when you have a fresh injury its the best way to manage your pain and reduce the effects of inflammation early. Make sure to have a barrier between your skin and the ice to prevent ice burn, and aim for around 10-15 minutes maximum.

If your suffering from muscular aches such as tightness or stiffness, heat can provide some relief in relaxing the muscles and making it feel looser. Hot water bottles or wheat wraps are both great ways to apply heat to joints, especially in the colder weather!’

If you have any queries regarding new or old injuries and the best way to treat them, get in touch with Becky at energisedbecky@gmail.com