#ThursdayTherapy: Pain doesn’t always mean an injury.

Becky Coach

EP Sports Therapist Becky on what the POLICE protocol means….

“When I first graduated I thought as soon as someone presented with pain it meant they had an injury, which in some cases is true of course and pain is always something to be taken into consideration and NOT ignored. But as I treat more people and carry on learning I’ve started to see that pain can sometimes just be a warning and not an indicator of an injury.

If you have a headache you don’t immediately think you have something wrong with your head, but we tend to do so with other parts of our body such as shoulders and knee’s.

Sometimes pain can just be a sign that maybe you need to change your technique when doing an exercise, or a sign that you’ve put too much stress on your body and you need to give yourself more time to recover. Exercise this approach with caution of course and always take measures such as the POLICE protocol when you experience discomfort or pain but don’t panic and convince yourself you have damaged something when really it could be your body telling you you’re leading to an injury NOT that you already have one.

P– protect yourself- start thinking about your technique and stretching etc. before exercise to try and prevent this pain

O– optimal loading – give it time to settle, reduce your training load and see if that helps.

I– Ice- pretty self explanatory I should hope! See previous blogs on when to ice

C– Compession- try and limit or reduce an swelling that could have occurred to reduce your pain from increased tissue pressure

E– elevation- I see this one as more of a time to rest, if something is painful try and reduce the amount you use it or stay off the limb when you can.

To reiterate again, if your pain persists don’t ignore it and contact your therapist for further advice!”

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