#WednesdayWorkout: DNA Testing & Training Styles?


I’ve had an adventurous few days up in London, walking a long way due to the tube strikes. Quite fun really, as I explored places I would never have gone to otherwise!

At Bristol Parkway I met Energised Shaun the Sheep…. so excited to take Team Energised Exploring to find them all…. do share your photos. And if you are not in Bristol, come and visit…. money goes to the Wallace and Gromit Children’s fund, and they really are lovely.

Once in London I completed my DNA Fit Training first…. this was fascinating, blogs to follow.. but two snippets to share. Those that matched their training and recovery to their DNA (in blind trials), improved their strength by 4-7%, compared with 2-4% when mis matched. Interesting I thought. Then even more interesting, those that ate according to their DNA food profile and supplemented specifically improved their body composition & well being by 73% to 27% when following a generic plan….amazing…

Now I’m the first to be unsure and need more data and facts…. yet I have seen a lot of it, and it is backed up… even if that stats on bigger trails are not as high, I think it’s a good thing. I’m going to blog and update my changes over the next 3 months. All I can say is that I think it’s key to have someone to help you manage the data, or it’s confusing and therefore you are unlikely to use it.

If you’re interested, let me know. I will be running more tests and personalised plans for a small group mid August/Sept.

From DNA training I went to Fit Pro Meeting of the Master Minds…. 100 Trainers and Coaches, and 10 TEDx Style speakers on all areas of the industry from advanced massage to NLP and Behaviour Change. The key message (there was many), was to help you client find their passion, their motivation and their habit changes that adapted into their lifestyle… I hope we do this in Energised, yet would LOVE to hear your feedback.

Life, as they said is messy, so how do you make your messy life work a little ‘better’ for you… and how do you like to do things?

Structure v Freedom or Both?
Routine or Variety of Both?
Practical or Adventure or Both?

Structure, Routine, Practical – Traditional Training
Freedom, Variety, Adventures – Progressive Training
2 of one type, Hybrid Traditional or Progressive
Response to stress… may divert the training type
Love to know your thoughts – I’m a Progressive Hybrid, yet Traditional Hybrid when encephalitis is about… am I training you the right way?

If you try to do the opposite to your way of being, it could be really tricky and cause more stress…. equally, if you are trying to squeeze training in… but it’s stressing you more, you may be better just going for a walk, resting more and eating well until you have the time to train on ‘good energy’

Anyway!! Do reply, tweet @kimingleby @energisedcoach or FB me your thoughts…

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