#ThursdayTherapy why do we go on about correct technique?

This weeks #ThursdayTherapy EP Massage Therapist Gail gives her thoughts on correct technique.

‘Use correct technique’ is a probably something you hear all the time but don’t necessarily understand why we go on about……

When doing exercise of any sort your body will have it limits – these will fluctuate daily depending on how much sleep, food, rest and stretching you get and not just your actual fitness level. I donated blood on Monday and so I have paced myself more than I normally would, adapting my week to allow my body to recover, especially as I didn’t have a great reaction this time. It can be hard to be sensible particularly when you have a goal you’re determined to meet, for me it’s taking part in Tough Mudder in August. Listening to your body takes effort and an awareness of how you really feel, we can all push past the pain but it will have consequences – usually injury. When I was completing the case study hours for a qualification I did last year I could spot who did body pump in the big classes because of the injury pattern. When asked to show me how they were lifting it was coming from incorrect technique. Sports massage can reset muscles but if the technique is not corrected the restriction will reoccur.

So correct technique, this is to ensure the right muscles are being used for a specific purpose, to optimise your body’s efficiency and reduce injury, and it’s usually a darn sight harder to do than incorrect technique ie cheating. Try a plank to see what I mean, if you dip your bum it adds stress to your lower back, if you lift your bum it makes it easier, now put it back in line with your spine, weight into the heels with no dip in the shoulders, lock that core ….. harder to do? Yes, but that means you have a solid foundation to build on.


Don’t be disheartened if you can only hold for a second initially, the strength and ability comes with time and practice.

Don’t compare with someone else, everyone has different strengths, they may have been doing those exercises longer than you or they do them more often.

Do keep track of your progress and celebrate when you achieve mini goals. If you did a 5 second plank every day your progress would be more than someone who only tried a plank once a week.

Here is a link to common incorrect techniques in the gym and how to correct…. http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/Pages/Top-10-gym-exercises-done-incorrectly.aspx