#ThursdayTherapy: Glute activation- key muscle group for any training….

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This week’s #ThursdayTherapy continues up the leg to the gluteals – a very important group of muscles.  EP Sports Therapist Becky recommends that ‘prior to exercise we make sure the glutes are firing to ensure correct lower limb function and to get the most out of your workout. If the glutes aren’t activated then the hamstrings and lower back take a lot of the slack.’
Good exercises are double leg bridges, side lying clams and donkey kicks, here is a link to 10 different glute exercises – do make sure you are using correct technique, start with the basic version and build your way up as incorrect technique can lead to compensations elsewhere and possible injury. Any questions or looking for guidance do get  in touch…..

Becky offers treatments every Wednesday at EP HQ from 5-8pm, contact her at energisedbecky@gmail.com to have a chat or to book.