#ThursdayTherapy: The Shoulder Complex

EP Sports Therapist Becky updates us with her recent training and thoughts…..

‘A few weeks ago I attended a shoulder complex course aimed at simplifying the way that we see the shoulder joint in a therapeutic setting.

The shoulder is an area of the body I have always struggled to get to grips with because so much occurs at this one joint. Subsequently I try to learn as much as I can about how it works and ways in which injury or dysfunction can occur.


Photo from www.townsvillemassage.com

The great thing about this course was that it opened my eyes to seeing the joint as a whole not just individual muscles working independently of each other. I come across a lot of clients who have been told their rotator cuff is weak, and then are given exercises that work just one of these muscles independently. But when all of these muscles work as a group to stabilise your shoulder there is no point in working one when you should be focusing on all of them.

Another thing I find is that clients are given exercises for their shoulders whilst standing still, how often in sport do you stand completely still and work one single muscle in your shoulder? Hardly ever.

The best tip I picked up from the course is to remember that your shoulder doesn’t work in individual segments, and your whole body needs to be incorporated with these exercises to make it functional for you as an athlete.’

If you have any questions on ways in which you can improve your shoulder rehab or are struggling with any niggles drop an email to energisedbecky@gmail.com