Are you Standing Tall & Strong?

I hope you had a great weekend? Did you watch the Ironman World Championships in KONA?  Rachel Joyce and flexi bar italyLiz Blatchford were totally inspiring, if you like triathlon & endurance models of excellence, they rocked it and showed anything, with focus, commitment and courage is possible.

A quick thought for your week ahead.

Following our Energised Business corporate workshops with Mark Foster on Empowering Balanced Life & Posture, Week 6 of our Lean & Strong Course, mental strength training work with some dancers and our own preparation & learning for Galaxy Girls competition… 

 What do all have in common… you may wonder?  The importance of Posture & Core Strength. 

Each one has a focus on developing a strong core (all the muscles in the middle of your body), being able to stand, sit and move with a strong posture, breathe deeply and feel confident.  I cannot emphasis the benefits from developing strong posture, there really are many.   

By reducing back pain, and strengthening your spinal muscles you can really help the whole functioning of the body, from sleep to digestion, hormones to well being. Of course there are many factors which influence this, nutrition, sleep, life balance and positive focus to name a few, but strengthening this area, whilst keeping it flexible too, I believe is key.

So this fortnight, think about how you sit, stand and move… do you breathe deeply, do you stand tall and strong, are your shoulders, hips and feet level? Right now, how does your back feel?

Do you know how your core muscles work or how to get them working?  There are so many good classes, free vidoes ( we have linked a couple of our favourites at the end of the blog from people we really respect)  & training plans in magazines you can follow, just start with the easiest options and build gradually.  Or get together with a couple of friends and pay for an hour with a trainer, they can assess your posture and give you specific exercises to improve your core.

I really am passionate about improving you improving your posture,  for your well being and health long term,  as well as for sports performance, injury prevention, body confidence & self respect.

It helps in so many ways, and I can personally vouch for this! Having been riding horses is a cross country position, triathlon big bike rides and then writing features for magazines I spend a lot of time ‘folded’ up. So whilst my posture and flexibility is far from perfect, if I am aware & work on it daily I feel 100% better.  Modelling excellence from the dancers and performers I work with is a great visual goal to work towards, focusing motivation in the right direction…. do the same yourself.

So whatever the motivation is to improve your posture, let us know if we can help you and make these two weeks your focus to improve it.  Set a screen saver reminder, little sticky dots, notes on the fridge… whatever it is to remind you! Do it…

Here is our Flexi Bar Tips : – we love this tool

Here is a great ab workout for those looking for a challenge from the awesome, wise Emma Storey-Gordon:

And another good one for Endurance athletes;

If you have a Swiss Ball in the corner (so many people do!) , pump it up and get a mini book to teach you how to use it effectively, simple if you are short of time. We recommend this one:

Read Head Coach Kim’s latest blog, learnings and inspired quotes here for MacMillan Cancer:

We are getting our regular Energised Videos going again… is there anything you would like from November, just let us know 🙂