Spring Equinox & Nidra Boost

It’s the Spring Equinox this weekend, which signals the start of longer days, when the plants & animals come out of their cocoons to start new beginnings, hibernation ends….. seems appropriate as lockdown gently eases and we find ourselves creating new paths forwards.

I’m giving a Yoga Nidra this Saturday 20th, 7pm GMT on zoom and recorded. Nidra is an ancient practise and in the simplest description like a big rest (there is so much more which I will share) – you need no yoga experience or kit, just the courage to press pause, join and lie down.

Scientifically it can give us the equivalent of hours of sleep, and increase the growth hormone aiding recovery of mind and body. So if you have a busy mind, restless feet, poor sleep, anxiety, find it hard to slow down or just a happy space to join this Saturday, could be worth a go….?

If you are unsure, just pop me a message to chat (zero pressure) kim@energisedperformance.com, and read this blog in the Huffington Post about why it’s helped veterans and CEO’s….

To book click HERE, and if you want to come but times are tough, let me know. It is open to all. A donation from all payments will go to Comic Relief.

Saturday is also International Day of Happiness, so I can promise our hour together will be filled with connection, support, relaxation & hope for the future. Do come if you are drawn, I would love to welcome you.

If you’re curious Nidra was part of my Yoga Teacher Training last year, followed by 5 months Yoga Mentoring, completing with an advanced Nidra Training. It’s been pretty intense, combined with qualifying in Trauma Therapy & Reiki Healing. Yet it deepens my knowledge and depth of skills to hold space for you to evolve during these times of chaos. It aligns deeply with my NLP, Hypnotherapy, mBraining & sports therapy qualifications.

Whilst growth is uncomfortable, I am so excited to offer this to you. And trust me, scampering feet & wild heart adventures are still part of Energised Core. But every athlete, military, business, entrepreneur, family, human I work with has experienced deep stress, pressure, grief, loss, or trauma in their life or this year. And if I can offer something nourishing, healing and energising to help you, uncomfortable growth is worth every moment.

There is great power in a pause, sometimes it is e v e r y t h i n g – and ironically the hardest thing to often choose,
This is way longer than planned…. so thank you for reading. If you are curious come along, sign up here,
If it’s not for you, so totally fine! Kind of love to know either way…. and if I can help support you or your team, just pop a confidential email to discuss,

I am here for you as we move into Spring with so much energised support,
in whatever way you need, mind, body & adventuring soul, Kim & Gail xxx