#MondayMotivation, 6 basic needs that make humans tick….



‘May your courage be greater than your fears, your actions greater than your limits, your joy greater than your doubts, be yourself, live now….’ Kim Ingleby

I wonder if you agree?

The Basic Human Needs that Make Us Tick… http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240441

I would add a 7th, the key I believe, is personal self worth, self esteem, self respect, self belief, self confidence…. they are all subtly different and all equally important.

You have to believe in yourself, you have to find ways to respect and value the person you are, to believe in possibility, to have the courage to grow your confidence, to know what success and failure mean to you, to understand how much of an uncomfortable gain you are willing to commit to, to achieve your outcomes, to know you.

Its a constant journey, people will always challenge you, but learning to become your own best friend, learning to understand your limitations and grow from them (so they become your strengths), learning to celebrate your success, to basically value yourself, havea good time, laugh at the limits, let go, be seen, heard and your best, not necessarily your best best, but the best you can be today…. is key.

It doesn’t make you arrogant, it just makes you like you, as a human. It gives you compassion towards yourself and others, it gives you courage.

So when you think about what makes you tick… think about what thoughts tick through your mind each day… are they helpful or limiting, motivating or sabotaging, your beliefs or ones from those close to you….

This applies to all areas of your life, sports, business, fitness, wellbeing, personal identity, family, friends….

Then create the needs, behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that will make you tick like your very best watch, through the day and night, with strength, courage, compassion and purpose…..

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