#MondayMotivation, In order to be, you must do…..


Did you use the ‘extra‘ hour when the clock’s when back to refine your goals? What would you like to have achieved, how would you like to feel, think and be before the clock’s spring forward again? Make 3 ‘big’ stretch goals with clarity and commitment, the rest, little, consistent clear goals to celebrate each week Any support, coaching or advice just ask us, happy to help you out.

Join us for our Bristol Saturday Big Beasting this weekend – the sessions include lots of hills, speed, core and strength work – challenging and motivating you combined with lots of FUN!

If you’ve been training hard or your new winter time goals involve training for events our new Sports Therapist Becky has a limited time Introductory Offer running

3x 30mins for £49

Becky is very good, working with Rugby and sports performance, injury rehab, posture and more… EP HQ Monday’s 8am – 12 Book now to take advantage of this great offer, energisedbecky@gmail.com