Great NLP Conference – check out these links

Last weekend I went to the NLP Conference – great talks, seminars and workshops to get you thinking. Mike Southon wrote an article in the Financial Times about NLP & Coaching – if you get a good Coach, it truly is invaluable and NLP helps you to create the patterns you would like to create true change…. I dare you to try it in 2011!

The workshops we went to that were really good – all the International Trainers plus some less well know ones who have brilliant websites telling you more about NLP, Energy, Performance & Coaching are below – check them out- they really are worth a visit 🙂

Arielle Essex – – Coaching and Wellbeing with NLP

Women, Business & Life Coaching – – great site – loads of stuff!

Art Geisner – – Energy & NLP

Jeremy Lazorous – Sport, Training & NLP

And for some good new NLP & Coaching books visit….

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