Get Ready for an Amazing Autumn ….


The key thing which often puts people off their fitness track, is the change in seasons and the days getting shorter.  Personally I love this time of year, but you do have to be prepared to keep fit, well and get results 🙂 So wherever you are starting from, and it really doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or a seasoned pro, you need to get ready, and now’s the time.  

This is our check list for your Autumn Action to look & feel Amazing: 

1. Get the right trainers – potentially off road, or a couple of pairs, so if one is soggy wet you can still go and train.  If you are super keen, get three!! One for the Gym, One for Road Running and One for Off Road – only if you like running!! Otherwise Yoga, cycling, dance shoes all possible!!

2. Get some layers that are breathable (you can order two base layers for £30 from us, just email), this is key to staying warm if you are outside. Try a pair of 2XU compression tights too for amazing recovery from hard training sessions.  I have always worn them, and really rate them for effective results (combined with a foam roller and regular sports massage). Let me know what you think.

3. A bright outer layer is key, you must be seen (even if you don’t want to be, so you are safe) & a bright water proof/windproof jacket

4. Hat, Gloves, Phone/iPod Waterproof case to look after all the extremities and essentials!

5. Plan 2-3 clear winter goals to keep you on track, Christmas charity runs and strength challenges – join our #StrictlyEnergisedChallenge (choose three challenges to achieve by 15th Dec, tweet and share, get your friends involved , it really works)

6. Look at trying something different, sign up to a new class, course or skill – challenge your mind and body

7. Eat good, healthy food (i made a pear, sweet potato, carrot, red onion, lentil, chilli and ginger soup, may sound horrible but was actually yummy!) & drink lots of water to boost immunity

8. Get good quality rest, sleep, walk and laugh daily 🙂

We love Sweatshop, Sweaty Betty, MOTI and The Triathlon Shop for Great Kit and Advice in Bristol and on Line.  Get yourself sorted and any questions just ask us… tweet @kimingleby @teamenergised your recommendations too!

ps. Our Winter Timetable is just out… come and join us Nov – Dec for your fittest months of the Year!