Ultrafit Magazine Sports NLP Interview…. what is it all about?

‘You don’t have to see the whole staircase, to take the first step’ Martin Luther King

A couple of years ago Ultrafit Magazine (http://www.ultra-fitmagazine.co.uk/) were ahead of the game and interviewed our Head Coach Kim Ingleby about the benefits of Sports NLP within fitness and performance. A couple of years on, many people have been tweeting and asking us about NLP.  So we thought we would share highlights from the interview.

Over the last couple of years, Kim has run a series of Mental Strength Workshops throughout the UK and Europe, travelled with the GB Triathlon (Age Group) Team and helped numerous GP referral and every day people increase their confidence, lose weight, improve their performance and overall, have FUN getting fit, achieving their goals and beyond!

Below is a summary of what its all about….. to find out more about our 2012 programme please just be in touch and any questions just post a comment below,and we will respond 🙂

1)    Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Kim Ingleby! I am the Head Coach and Director of Energised Performance UK Ltd –  well being, fitness and performance. We work with people to help them feel good inside, and out – we offer lots of things: personal training, sports massage, NLP etc… our clients include GB athletes, Media personalities, stunt women, GP referrals, business people, mum’s and teenagers… We specialise in sports performance, weight loss, confidence, energy and wellbeing.

2)    What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is commonly described as the art and science of personal excellent and communication.  Put simply, most people know of Paul McKenna and many of his techniques are NLP based – think yourself thin, I can make you rich – all books he has written based on NLP. Many of the techniques will allow people to build better relationships, gain confidence and self esteem, understand people better, perform the best that you can, change unwanted habits and feel confident in what you want to do….. there are so many benefits, helping you to understand and change your language to focus on what you want, rather than what you do not.  Business, sports and sales people are all using many of the techniques regularly.

3)   How did you get interested/involved with NLP?

I started in the industry about 14 years ago and found that I was getting great results physically but my clients, although more confident were still lacking in self esteem, body confidence and true contentment in themselves.  I also had many clients coming with problems which they wanted to discuss whilst they trained, whilst I could listen I could do really help professionally.  I passionately wanted to be able to help feel good inside, as well as out…. so I read an article about NLP and decided that this would provide the missing link and give me the tools to really help move people forwards.  I trained with Pam Rigden from fitness unlimited, who is now based successfully in Canada – I completed my Master’s with Emma James Training – Emma is a world record holding power lifter who is one of the best trainers in the World – highly recommend her if you are interested in training in NLP..

4)  How can NLP be applied to a health/fitness scenario?

NLP can be really useful in all areas of health and fitness from weight loss, to toning and body building to weight gain – I have worked with them all.  It helps give people motivational strategies, set clear goals and anchor with positive feelings and make break limited behavioural patterns such as yo yo dieting. Below is an explanation for weight loss:

NLP will help you lose weight and become lighter right now as through the process you will begin to focus on what you want to happen: so to become lighter in yourself, allowing you to let go of the weight right now. It will allow you to understand how you perceive yourself right now,and the language that you are using and the behaviour you have.  If you are controlling everything tightly and telling yourself that you can’ lost weight you are unlikely too, and if you do it probably will not stay off.  To make positive changes there are numerous techniques, including create well formed outcomes – what do you want to see,look, feel……, something called time line therapy  visiting the past and future to see what you want if to look like, what you will be doing etc,  modelling on a person/people you admire and respect, making it fall in line with your values and beliefs, learning to like yourself, anchoring positive qualities, collapsing limiting beliefs:  NLP will help you break the cycle of dieting and make the changes permenant, real and positive.

5)    What about sports performance?

NLP is gradually transferring into the competitive sports environment, following on from successful business models and the use of sports psychology. NLP combined with Hypnotherapy offers a powerful tool to give an athlete the edge in competition through many techniques including anchoring positive resources, defining well formed outcomes, modelling on positive performance and the circle of excellence.  It is also useful to remove any limiting thoughts/beliefs or strategies which may be preventing optimal performance.

Interesting or inspiring case studies..?

Many of my clients, in many areas have benefited using simple techniques and others have done a few breakthrough sessions, enhancing their quality of life significantly 🙂 Names changed.

Kate – lost over 5st, working on her confidence and self esteem, regular eating habits – anchoring, time line, modelling, future well, step by step – changing her beliefs and language towards herself

Sara – Depressed, cancer remission, rely on food – development process of letting go of past negative patterns to allow her to move forwards with courage, learning new – more positive behavioural patterns.

Jane – disordered eating and low body confidence, under eating – changing how she looks at herself, building self respect and strong body image, moving forwards anchoring, clearing triggers from the past

Sharon- Enhancing competitive focus, anchoring, modelling and mental rehearsal to allow her to win medals/competitions on an International Level

Autumn – Worked with her focus to allow her to perform at her best competitively in a media environment – strengthening her self esteem and internal body confidence which externally was present but lacked internally

All combined with nutrition, exericse and regular support plus tasks for the client to do each week to create positive change

6)     What sort of person comes to see you?

Everyone – my client list is so varied as the skills and knowledge I have is transferable from a teenager to an elderly client – it is all about helping someone realize their full potential, and enhance their performance!  I have a real mix from people just like me and you to… GB athletes (Triathlon, Syncho Swimming, Premier Rugby), Media Personalities (incl: Strictly Come Dancing, Last Women Standing), Stunt Performers from Block Buster Films, CEO Business People, Parents and Teenagers (body image and confidence is popular) – all wishing to have help and support to achieve their goals.

7)  How do you assess a client?

Every client differs depending on their requirements. To begin with they will complete an in depth questionnaire in advance of the first appointment which gives me an overview on everything they hope the work with and achieve. We then meet for a free consultation to establish their goals, a working rapport and outline the plan.  I also work with many people using email, skype and telephone coaching – all follow a similar format. If a client is referred from a Sports Coach, or GP then the process is slightly different as we are immediately working with an outlined area from another professional.

8)  How does their course of treatment then progress?

How long I work with a client depends on the depth of work required. I usually suggest 2-3 90min sessions, or 3-5 30min phone conversations to help someone move forwards.  Sometimes athletes will come with a specific race in mind (to enhance performance), or an individual will come with a specific problem (such as flying) and both can be worked with successfully in 1-2 sessions.  More long term past issues can take a little longer, but I am usually able to outline the length of estimated time after the initial meeting.

9)  Do you tend to work closely with other professionals such as coaches etc?

Yes I very much believe in working with others to get the best and quickest results for a client.  I have a large network of associates including osteopaths, podiatrists, specialist sports coaches, nutritionists, reflexologists and other coaches qualified in similar areas to myself.

10) You also work as a personal trainer, do you find that you tend to use NLP techniques with all of your clients?

If a client does not request NLP, and has simply come for personal training then No as this could be considered unethical. However, due to my knowledge in the area I understand the power of language and how to communicate with a client in their language, motivate them in the most effective way, ensure they achieve their goals and see, feel and hear a difference – so NLP undoubtedly influences my work. If they do not believe in themselves, or that something is possible it is great now to be able to offer them an additional ‘service’ which may break the pattern, and help them move forwards more easily and happily.

11)  Do you use the techniques with yourself?

Yes! Firstly, to pass all the exams you have to be able show you can use the techniques, and be a client for all the techniques so you know how each one feels to experience in the clients shoes.  Secondly, they are so useful – I use them to enhance my performance, help with presenting skills, understand and support clients more effectively and to continue developing both personally and professionally.

So if you would like to find out more, have a FREE 15min consultation (subject to our availability), want to book a workshop, or sign up to our 2012 workshops … or join our professional team and find out more – just give us a call on 07720 845849.

Good times…. realise your potential, right now!

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