Triathlon Swimming – top tips from the Experts …

Matt Fisher is a brilliant business man, and fast becoming a well recognised age group triathlete despite only being in the sport for a couple of years.  His website is full of interesting facts, blogs, thoughts and links – well worth a visit.

Last month Matt did a poll on which discipline to triathletes find the hardest, and swimming came up top by a long way. Following this Matt decided to write an insightful Blog to help people improve their swimming – including some invaluable tips from leading triathlon coach, Andy Bullock and from our Head Coach, Kim Ingleby for the mental side of performance.

To read part 1 and 2 of Matt’s Blog and spend some time on his site visit:

To visit Andy Bullock’s Triathlon Coaching site visit:

Buy Triathlete’s World in the next couple of months to read Kim Ingleby’s feature on overcoming panic in the water.

Book: Mental Strength Workhop in London 1st April, Scotland 13th May and Bristol 1st July.

Thanks Matt for asking us to comment on your Blog 🙂 Happy training and racing.