Top Tips for Overall Energised Wellbeing…

Following Head Coach Kim’s article in Fitpro Virtual On line, ‘Steps to a Better Body Image’ we thought we would summarise a few top tips to help you feel energised and full of wellbeing this weekend.

Let us know how you get on and if we can help in anyway to enhance your wellbeing and feel good factor!

  • Give yourself time to let both your mind and body relax daily and be kind to yourself
  • At the end of each day write down anything that is stressing you so you can sleep easily, and then three things that made you smile today

  • Choose exercise and activities which make you feel motivated and energised in an environment that works for you and set clear, accountable goals…

  • If you are really busy make the time to plan, and prioritise things so you keep in balance – and if things do become unbalanced, stay calm and make time to rebalance as soon as possible

  • Check yourself out regularly – are you sleeping well, eating healthy food, good energy levels and laughing often?  If the answer is no to any of the redress the balance before it becomes a problem

  • Who are the people in your life that inspire you, make you feel good and you can truly be yourself with? Make sure you spend time with them, value and nuture these relationships

  • Set yourself clear boundaries in life and allow yourself to do something each week for you.

  • Too much caffeine, sugar and processed foods play havoc with your brain and your body – eat a diet that looks after you and listen to how you feel after you have eaten different foods.

  • Be proud of the person you are, work on the areas you find challenging about yourself and focus on your strengths

  • Pause for thought and be logical – have the courage to make plans to achieve your dreams and goals

  • Make time for your friends, family and the things you say ‘you are always going to do but never have time.’

  • Be in awareness, stand tall, breathe deeply, laugh and know you are good enough just as you are

Take action on three top tips each week and begin to see, feel and make the changes! Have a great weekend and any support do just give us a call or comment below.