Interview with Camilla & Ian about the Charity Ball


It is two weeks since the tickets for the Strictly Energised Charity Ball went on sale, and already half of the tables are sold, three magazines and covering the event and we have corporate sponsors ‘fighting’ over the main deal!  This is really exciting, as it will ensure that we will raise as much money as possible for Penny Brohn Cancer Care & Beatbullying.

Camilla & Ian have been fantastic with their support to this event, and even though they have just started the Strictly Come Dancing Tour (  – over 40 sold out dates in National Stadium’s thoroughout the country – they took the time out to answer some questions about the Ball and themselves.  I would really like to thank them for making time to answer our questions, and look forward to welcoming them at the Strictly Energised Ball!

Why did they decided to get involved with the Strictly Ball?

Because when Kim approached us we loved her fantastic positive attitude
and thought it sounded like a great way of fundraising for such
important charities!

What do the charities (Beatbullying & Penny Brohn Bristol Cancer Care)
mean to them?

Cancer is unfortunately affecting many peoples lives and to stay
positive in difficult times is very important. Dancing makes people happy and we know that dancing and having goals while ill or recovering has
helped a lot of people fight cancer.

Many kids are bullied because they are different which was the case for
me. I spend most of my childhood in the dance school as I loved it
there and felt I belonged but my school mates didn’t think that was cool
as I did not share their interest and hobbies and therefore was
different. Being an outsider or being different can be tough as a child.

Having learnt to be confident on the dancing floor helped me.
Ian was very sporty and good at many different sports and luckily too
big to be picked on for being a dancer but we saw lots of our dancing
mates being bullied for dancing and it takes a lot of confidence to stay
strong. Now thanks to strictly come dancing, dancing is accepted as a
hobby amongst kids and adults.

When we teach dance or do team building it is often not the steps we
need to work the hardest on with the clients, students and celebrities
but the confidence which need work!  Luckily in dance they go hand in
hand! We find dance therapy a very helpful way to teach confidence!

We are fortunate enough to be able to do our job as performers and help
raise money for such  important causes at the same time and hopefully
encourage others to take up a hobby maybe even dancing.

What is their favourite dance/music is and why?

As a dancer nothing beats dancing to live music. We love all the
ballroom and latin dances for their different characters but if we had to
choose a favourite it would be the Rumba.

What is their top tip for budding ballroom dancers?
Enjoy it!!!!!!! And hard work does pay off!!

What do they do to relax?
Chill out at home with friends and family, eat good food or go on
holiday and relax in the sun. As our job is very physical and we train a lot
whether it’s gym or dance, we try to do as little as possible when we
do have time off.

Thank you Camilla & Ian – Happy Dancing on the Tour!

Keep a look out for our interview with Gethin Jones coming soon……..and make sure you buy your tickets before the event is sold out!  For more information please contact kim on 07720 845849 or email  For more information about Camilla Dallerup visit and Ian Waite