Energised YouTube series, Part 1 – check it out!

We have finally launched out first YouTUBE clips, we  had a lot of fun filming the first set and  would really welcome your feedback and thoughts.So with the weather a little wet and cold this weekend, click on the links – do the exercises and get commenting – thank you so much!

To view click: http://www.youtube.com/user/kimingleby

So far we have:

The Top 5 Bikini & Beach Toning Exercises (in assocaition with Health and Fitness Magazine)

Perfect Posture Tips and Basic Core Exercises

Coming soon…

Top tips to Prevent Injury and useful bits of kit!


Let toning and strength

Mental strength tips

We would welcome all your feedback, thoughts and suggestions. So take a look and let us know! THANK YOU.

If you would like to feature in our YouTUBE clips just comment below – we have a growing list! Clips are shot on a monthly basis 🙂 Thank you!

Remember you can read our features in July 2011 Women’s Fitness, Health and Fitness, Bodyfit, Fitpro and Sportsiter Magazine. For features and top tips requests please call Kim on 07720 845849.