#SundayThought: embrace your fears with courage this week…

💙 this, embrace your fears with courage this week…
I love the interviews with the The Naked Professor‘s podcast, authentic, raw, funny, honest & inspiring. 🎙
Remind yourself of what lights you up, what you are interested in, your adventures, things you want to learn, understand, your loves & grow you. This focus will help you find happiness, confidence & inner beauty which will then sparkle through your eyes & soul. Often we do it the other way around and forget we are interesting beings, we are so much more than just how we look…. I know it’s tough but reignite yourself, embrace fear with courage, be kind to yourself & others, shift your focus to be helpful to yourself and notice with curiosity what becomes possible …. (and I know just how damn tough it can be, but trust, patience and consistency).
Your sparks of light can be nourished and grow whatever your age you are, truly. And if you’re in darkness have hope, trust the process, keep simple habits to help yourself & don’t be afraid to find someone to ask for help, realise you matter.
Darkness & light are the paradox of life and human emotions, don’t be scared of the dark (well it’s scary and tough but you are tougher I know), the greatest growth lies here (sometimes you just have to be brave and let go…..), and also, don’t be afraid to shine when it’s light & share, it’s good to share this 💙
Vulnerable as it is to share, their podcast is about being open – I’m learning another level of all I write, through healing trauma from suicide, relationship affair, unkind direct messages & neurology healing. With patience & commitment, I can find learning’s & compassion, defining a greater purpose & depth with myself, to help you nourish yourself through challenges with courage.
So this week, shine your light beautiful person, follow what sets your heart, mind and body alight & have patience to find the learning’s & heal through the darkness… Stay open, loving & kind if you can,
Let me know what you think of the podcast & any recommendations, it’s great to share 🙏🏻
Have a beautiful day, big support, Kim
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