5 Ways to Stay Healthy During a Pandemic


The worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus caused a lot of chaos and disarray in people’s lives. With cases still being recorded in several countries, it’s obvious that COVID-19 is here for the long haul. The best way to protect ourselves from infection and disease is to a.) get appropriate vaccinations and b.) practice healthy lifestyle habits. 

Below are five (5) ways to stay healthy during a pandemic.  

Establish Healthy Hygiene

Healthy hygiene is one of the most basic yet most overlooked elements in infection prevention. To avoid catching diseases like COVID-19 or the flu, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following: 

  • Wear proper PPE when in areas that have a high volume of people
  • Practice social distancing — stay at least 6 feet away from others
  • Regularly wash your hands with warm water and soap
  • Always have a bottle of disinfectant spray or hand sanitizer with you when outdoors
  • Avoid touching your face
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, cover your mouth and nose with the crook of your elbow, to prevent spraying
  • If you feel sick, stay home and contact your doctor for assistance

Get Some Fresh Air

Research shows that poorly ventilated areas have a greater risk of spreading infection. While social distancing and isolation play a massive role in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, getting fresh air every once in a while is also important. 

Not only does fresh air help improve your mood and breathing,  but it also helps improve skin concerns such as dryness and inflammation. Oxygen has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the appearance of acne. It also stimulates your skin’s collagen production, giving you a healthier, more beautiful glow. 

If you have second thoughts about going outside, that’s OK. After everything that society has been through due to the pandemic, it warrants some feelings of caution and care. You can start small, perhaps taking 15-minute walks around the block in the morning or at night.

Join an Outdoor Sport

Exercise is one of the most important pillars of good health. If you want to stay healthy during a pandemic, making sure that you get enough hours of physical activity every day is key. While going to the gym and doing other indoor activities are mostly out of the question, joining an outdoor sport (e.g., hiking, biking, and badminton) is a great alternative to traditional gym workouts. 

You can find a variety of outdoor groups and clubs online. These groups often have meetings and events that members participate in together. Check out their calendars or events pages to see when their next event will be. Message them to ask about membership requirements (if any) and just comply. 

Transitioning from indoor activities to outdoor sports may be tricky. This is why we recommend that you take it one step at a time. Furthermore, it’s important that you equip yourself with the necessary equipment beforehand, for a smoother and easier experience. For instance, if you’re a woman planning to join a cycling club, it might be a great idea to start using period underwear. Not only are these garments leak-proof but they also offer the best comfort all around. 

Don’t Forego Skincare

Wearing a mask and regularly disinfecting your hands are important steps to preventing COVID-19 infections. However, they can take a massive toll on your skin, especially on your face. 

Maskne (mask acne) is an umbrella term used to describe skin conditions that developed due to excessive mask-wearing. These skin conditions include pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, eczema, contact dermatitis, and rosacea flareups — among others. 

To treat and even prevent maskne, using the right skincare products is essential. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser to clean the face after using a mask all day. Moisturize with a non-comedogenic product, so it doesn’t block your pores. And lastly, consider taking a break from makeup for a while. This could be exacerbating your symptoms because of all the ingredients and extracts it may contain.

Get Enough Sleep

Poor sleep weakens your immune system and leaves you more vulnerable to illnesses like COVID-19. Not just that, not getting enough sleep has a slew of other negative consequences on the body, e.g., high blood pressure, mood swings, weight gain, increased risk of heart disease, increased risk of diabetes, and memory issues. 

To stay healthy during a pandemic, it’s fundamental for you to improve your sleeping habits

For instance, you may consider going to bed at an earlier hour so you can get enough sleep (7 to 8 hours) at night. You may also want to dim the lights in your bedroom, so there’s less disruption for your eyes. Making sure your bedroom is cool and quiet may also help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

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In Summary

Staying healthy and fit during a pandemic is one of the best ways to protect yourself from disease. If you aren’t sure how to get started, don’t fret. The five tips that we shared today should be able to help you get healthier and stronger. Try them out and see which strategy works best for you!

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