#WednesdayWorkout: #happyhotbod Core Strength Workout

Our #happyhotbod Core Strength Workout, can be done anywhere…

Write down results and then re test each week – photo to be included

Core Workout

Aim for 1-3 sets depending on time

#teamenergised #energisedfit

Core strength 1. – no kit required, warm up, stretch, roll and cool down – harder options in brackets : 2-4 sets

Plank (Moving plank): 30 – 90secs

Lower Leg Raise (lower you go and hold, harder, good technique): 10-30 reps, hold for 2 secs at base, engage core

Dorsal Raise (extend higher): 10-30 reps

Foam Roll, Stretch & Relax ….Let us know how you go 🙂


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