Things can change quickly….

Yesterday I was heading to Tring to present some Impact Seminars for the Work Life Company, through Energised Business. I am really passionate about these seminars and helping employee’s to feel better, inside and out.

Allowing plenty of time for potential snow, traffic and unknown incidents I find myself half way there, three cars behind a nasty accident.  Now you may be thinking – where is this Blog going to but stay with me as it may just provoke some thought for you to take action…

I sat there for over 2 hours, observing the fire engines, ambulances, helicopters and police coming and going. Needless to say, this was not a good scene.  However, as I sat there I contemplting how in just one moment, everything had changed for the lives of 7 people, and countless others due to the ripple effect.

It prompted me to share this moment with you…. at Energised Performance we help you realise your full potential and start to work towards your dreams, making them your goals, and making them happen. We help you to learn to feel good about yourself, have positive self talk and self esteem.

So whilst I watched the scene unfold it was a reminder that we should have the courage to take action, to take small steps towards what we want to happen in our lives. Only by committing to the small changes can we being to move forwards and really see what is possible…impacting many people in many ways.

Remember, in one moment everything in your life could change – make sure you are moving towards what you want, with your eyes open and belief in possibility.

This thought continued when I watching ‘Live at the Apollo’ with John Bishop last night – he was using his story as his act last night and it was fascinating.  Two years ago he performed in a small theatre in a room, behind the stage to 14 of his friends… this was his first tour and by his admission, it was really him just visiting places around the UK.

But with a belief, and the support of his friends the following year he was asked to perform Live at the Apollo… only 11months later.. and returned this year to do the same. He is now on Tour again – with a sell out huge tour date – brilliant!

What this shows is in one moment everything can change, and if you truly believe in making something happen – it is possible, you just need a little bit of patience, courage, determination and focus!

So I would like to ask you, to ask yourself – what do you want to happen in 2011?

Would you like to be fitter, healthier, have more fun, spend more time with friends, learn a new skill, make more wealth, change jobs, have a relationship, have a baby, travel the world….. whatever it is – make a change to start Now!

Write it down, commit, believe and start to make it happen.

For advice, support and top tips please comment.

In 2011 we will be running coaching workshops throughout the UK – more information in the New Year.