Team Energised Wedding!! Congratulations to Simon & Sarah.

Energised would like to congratulate Simon and Sarah Way on their recent wedding! ss112.jpg

Simon and Sarah came to Energised last year when they signed up for Bootcamp!  Now part of Team Energised, they have been doing Bootcamp for over a year – and with fantastic results!  They started Bootcamp as a way of helping themselves to look and feel fabulous on their wedding day – which as you can see, they certainly did!  Sarah says, “Kim has motivated us both to exercise and have much better nutrition.  We highly recommend the bootcamps as an enjoyable way to exercise and it certainly gets results.  Since meeting Kim we are lighter, healthier and happier people.  Definitely energised!”  Or to put it Simon’s way, ” We were fat. We met Kim. Now we’re less fat & fit!”

If you would like to come along to an Energised Bootcamp, the Summer Early Morning Bootcamp is a 6 day course starting in July, and will be challenging and fun, using a combination of cardio, core and strength work to really kick start fitness, burn fat and help you keep fit for summer!  It is suitable for everyone who can jog a little bit – men and women, couples and young adults, we can adapt all the exercises to anyone and will cater for all needs/injuries!

This popular course starts on Tuesday 21st July, and will then continue on Thurs 23rd, Sat 25th, Mon 27th, Wed 29th, Fri 31st July, and will start each morning at the Downs Cafe, Bristol
at 6.30am (except Sat 25th which will be at 8.30am & you are welcome to bring your friends for a fiver!).  For more information, please visit Regular Courses & Training Days, or call Kim!  Thank-you!