New courses, website, thoughts & inspiration for you!

I hope you have all had a good weekend – it is amazing to think that it is the end of the summer, August Bank Holiday and only 4 months until we are looking at Christmas again!!

So take a moment tomorrow to reflect on what you have achieved so far this year, and then take out a little note book and write down what you would like to achieve before 2009.  It can be anything – big or little, perhaps you would like to make time to see a friend – perhaps you would like to try and run a charity Christmas 10km.  Whatever it is – set yourself at least one little goal and make sure you achieve it.  If you would like to be accountable why not post a comment on the blog and we can all see how you are getting on with it!

Personally I would like to complete my three half marathons for charity in October ( and find a sponsor for the Strictly Energised Charity Ball on 21st March 2009!  I have many other goals but I will keep them for conversation and entertainment over the next few weeks with my clients!

Over the last few weeks I have been seriously impressed with all my clients’ achievements and it has been a pleasure working with them. To inspire you if you are reading the Energised Blog for the first time: Energised Clients have won medals at national triathlon, swimming, mountain biking and rowing races, they have been part of international films as stunt doubles, been part of TV programmes including the Underdog and Strictly Come Dancing, lost several stone and produced a handful of babies and that is just a summary! So well done all of you – it has been a true pleasure working with you all.

I have been busy over the last month refreshing the Energised Performance site and developing a few other sites with Becky from Deckchair (  We are hoping to launch these sites in a couple of weeks so let us know what you think, we hope you like them!  There will be,, and!! All I can say is thank you to Becky for her patience, skill and effort with this development and we look forward to your feedback.

And finally – I have just launched all the dates for the courses in Bristol this Autumn – there is an exciting range from Bootcamps to Little Black Dress, and Ski fit to Flexi Bar.  We suggest you book today so you can look forward to being part of some great groups.

Looking ahead we are planning a Bootcamp weekend in Jan, the Charity Ball in March, Italy in May and potentially Ibiza in Sept 09! I look forward to updating you all further on the developments within EP but for now, have a fabulous Bank Holiday Monday and know that you, as our clients, are our priority so anything we can do to make our service better for you, we would like to know about! Thank you 🙂