#MondayMotivation…… what and who is motivating for 2015?

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What a wild weekend!! Did you manage to get outside and get some training done? Or perhaps you went to the gym and did a big training session?  Love to know what you did and what motivates you?
For Team Energised we went to the Ashton Court Park Run, a first time for Simon, Kalpna, Russell, John and myself, with Dave and Rich taking part too, good times.  I would love to see if we could do 50 of them and all get the t shirts…. there’s a challenge, are you up for it?  I wonder where the best Park Run course is?  It’s free, you just have to sign up, so I would go ahead and get involved, anyone of any age can do it, dogs too!
Who motivates me… well this weekend it’s Simon, he shows that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.  I found myself watching the Hever Triathlon with Maria Powell (Gain the Edge) client racing in it, she won by a country mile, amazing!  I felt a little sad watching it, as currently swimming open water would be silly, and I don’t feel inclined to want to do it.
But Simon and Maria inspire me to find that ‘thing’ that lights the fire in my (strong) belly and get going…  I have a list, I wonder what I will choose … 🙂
On the other area of sport Soeli and Abby have both done fitness stage competitions and placed/won, oh my the achievement and progression is amazing.
So I’m quietly plotting my own #festivefit vision board, goals and progress like the rest of the course are. I’m looking forward to getting stronger in my body, full of energy and feeling even more happy… how about you?  Who inspires you? What gives you fire in your belly?  What gives you focus to be brave….. I look forward to sharing what I choose from my list of things….. suggestions welcomed! You will be able to read my blog and progress, how about doing the same for yourself.
Along with this sporting inspiration I enhanced my knowledge at the Body Type Nutrition Conference, with world class speakers on adrenal fatigue, fat loss, injury rehab and nutrition, stress, well being and happiness, on a huge depth of scientific basis.  I am really looking forward to integrating this into our performance and wellness programmes next year.  If you have a specific area that interests you do let me know and I’ll fill you in, but blogs will follow so keep a look out.
We had the most wonderful Sweaty Betty VIP Workshop on Friday, with the follow up on 4th Dec, a few spaces are left, so make sure you book your place,
If you want to be active this week… here’s what is going on:
Monday: Winter Strength Training – 6.45pm – 7pm with Kim  – Sports Massage with Becky, 8am – 12, spaces available
Tuesday: Energised Run Club with Kim : 6.30-7.30pm
Wednesday – #festivefit on line… training plans and more to come , get involved, and follow my blogs and progress too
Thursday – FIA Conference, London – take yourself for a 60min workout, cardio with intervals
Friday – HIIT and Core Strength Workout – Children in Need North Bristol Spinathon & Energised Cake Sale
We have been looking at Studio’s, new websites, on line courses and workshops…. it’s quite a variety and a big, mixed plan of things. I would LOVE and really appreciate your thoughts, ideas, and questions as we make decisions on where to focus our choices to give you the best next year…. so whatever you are thinking send it over 🙂
And finally, if you have a moment, we would love you to vote for us in the 220 Triathlon Awards. We have coached so many of you for triathlon and mind ninja training for over 10 years, and would love to make the short list with our associate businesses in Bristol 🙂 you can click here; http://www.220triathlon.com/competitions/220-triathlon-awards-2015/380.html
cycle to work
I think that’s it for now 🙂
Love to know how you are doing and what you are looking for in 2015?
With lots of Support and Kick Ass Energy to you all,
Kim and the Team
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