Its not too late to feel great in 2008!

EXERCISE TIPS to get you started and feel fabulous this festive time…..!

·         Write down what you would like to achieve between now and Christmas, make sure it is realistic, tell someone who will keep you accountable and go for it!

  ·         Walking every day for at least 20 – 30mins (you can split this into 5-10min walks between meetings etc and this will still work – if you are stuck at home with children have a 5min ‘dance’!)  will help you burn fat and feel great  

·         Choose a form of exercise that think you might enjoy – there are so many different things from dancing to rock climbing, running to gym classes – you are much more likely to stick to it if you think you might enjoy it!

  ·         Know that however hard it feels it will get easier, and you will start to feel and look great 

·         Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and feel good to exercise in

  ·         Be confident and brave in yourself to begin exercise, and one week will make a difference! There will always be someone who you think is fitter and equally there will always be someone who sweats more or goes bright red, there will never be the right time to start – we are all different but have courage to give something a go – you may just find you enjoy it and make some new friends – I dare you to give it a go! 

·         Do simple exercises at home to tone your body – chose a different body part each day of the week!  Monday –  stomach crunches/plank Tuesday –  squats (legs) Wednesday –   press ups (chest) Thursday – tricep dips and bicep curls (arms) Friday reverse flys (back)

  ·         Treat yourself to an hour with a qualified trainer to help give you lots of ideas and support to feel fit and fabulous – speak to them and they should be able to give you a programme in that hour, tailored to Christmas to help you achieve your goals  

·         Agree with a friend two things that you are going to do each week to become fitter and help each other achieve it

  ·         Set yourself a charity challenge for 2009 – Race for Life is a 5km race for females and fantastic fun!  This helps you focus for Christmas but also beyond – even more effective! 


For more information please email or have a look at our courses and events and see if you would like to come along to one! Great fun and great results.