Good Stress & Weight Loss in the Credit Crunch…

Head Coach Kim has just been interview by Lincoln Bryden ( – check it out… downloadable podcast’s and much more) – all about Stress and how to keep fit, light and energised during the credit crunch… below is an edited sample of the questions and answers – enjoy!

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1.  What are the symptoms of stress?

There are many symptoms of stress, lots of which people do not relate to stress – or are unaware that they link are linked to stress… including:

Headaches, anxiety, heart racing, stomach problems, muscle aches, overall tiredness, lack of focus, concentration, lowered immunie system, weight gain/loss…  great stuff hey!
2.  Is all stress bad?

No… a certain level of stress over a short period of time is actually beneficial – a different people have different threholds of when stress is good, and when it is bad for them, and this can change in different situations.  For examples one person may manage stress easily in the work environment, yet find a similar level of stress difficult to cope with personally.  Its all about knowing what works for you – and managing that in the best way for you… good stress can enhance performance, productivity and energy levels but long term chronic stress can lead to burn out…
3. With the credit crunch, people are more focussed on getting through the month and tightening their purse,how can we help people deal with that, AND how can we help them to still focus on their weight loss goals.

People need to focus on what makes them feel good – there is such a lot of negitive press out there – enhancing the fear around the economic climate.  Yes, it is challenging but it is also a perfect opportunity to get fitter, lose weight and achieve other things which when the economy is better people may not do. 

I think the best advice, which is not rocket science is to budget things… and then make sure that you still do something every week which makes you feel good. Every situation can be positive or negative depending on how you choose to percieve it..

So look for classes, and clubs which you can join – they are cheap, great ways of meeting new people, getting fiter and achieving your goals… running clubs, dancing, yogo – so much out there – ebay some old clothes, or amazon a couple of books and you will have made enough money to do this if money is really tight.

Or buy a home video if that works for you, sign up to an on line support group… opportunities are endless.. 

Choose the time to eat healthy food – its cheaper to cook from fresh, you learn a new skill and save pennies….
4 What 5 practical tips can people take away today and put in the practice to help them cope better with stress and also keep their weight loss goals still a priority?

* Go for a walk every day – it burns off the extra adrenalin and cortisol produced from stress, which can help you hold fat – so you feel calmer, and you lift your metabolic rate…

* Keep a ‘Happy’ Diary/jounral – in the morning write down 3 things you are going to achieve that day, and how you are going to choose to feel – then in the evening write down 2-3 things that happened that made you smile..

* Buy fresh, local foods and cook it – this helps save money, feel good, lose weight, boost your immune system and try news things – do it with your partner/family as it gets everyone involved

* Make time to meet up with friends or go on a ‘date’ with your partner –  just to have a walk, cup of tea and chat – switch the TV off and have a good catch up….

* Identify the things that stress you in a list in one column – then list what you can do that is positive to change this from being a stress to a positive and then in the third column list how you would like to feel poistiively – takes time but if you do this it will make a difference…

* Find 2-3 exercise classes, clubs or activities to do per week or individually committ to doing things – this will help you to become fitter, happier and lighter…

* Finally – be and act happy and well – this will change your physiology and make things easier, even if you dont believe it in the moment… Smile 🙂

For more information do contact Kim, or join us on the Bootcamp Weekend on 27th-29th November to achieve your kick start to weight loss goals, and stress management tips.