Good Luck to Team EP at the London Marathon this weekend!

We would like to wish Team Energised – Alex, Helen, Chrissy, Claire and everyone else – GOOD LUCK in the London Marathon this weekend!

With just two days to go and all the training completed, we hope you are feeling calm and relaxed, and that between now and Sunday you will be resting, stretching, and of course eating good quality carbohydrates and protein, and keeping yourselves well hydrated!  On Sunday, try and stay calm, and most of all, remember to enjoy yourselves!  And in the days afterwards, rest well, stretch well and again, eat and drink sensibly!

If you are interested in entering the 30th London Marathon in 2010, then visit on Monday (27th April) at 9am as this is when the ballot for 2010 opens!

Alternatively, if you are looking for a slightly different challenge, why not try a triathlon, and join us on our Try A Triathlon training day, to be held this summer.  This informative and fun day will be spent working on your technique and completing drills, as well as learning vital information on stretching, core strength and nutrition.  If you would like to come along, call Kim to reserve your place.