Get Fitter in the Snow…!!

The snow brings plenty of opportunities to get even fitter, so wrap up well and get out there!!  Following a really successful Bootcamp on Tuesday evening, I thought I would write a quick Blog to inspire you to get outside and enjoy the snow!  I know that it seems to have caused chaos with the roads, work and schools, but it can actually help your fitness.  This is because it will use different muscles to do different things, and its probably a little colder so you will have to work harder to stay warm!

Try these ideas…

*  Get a group of friends together and have a snowball fight like your childhood days – perfect for running around, bending, twisting and using the upper body throwing……. ** Have a race to see who can build the biggest snowman first…. this will definately encourage you to bend down and move around quickly – and you may even have to run into the woods to find the twigs for his arms…. ** Go sledging, and race your friends & family to the top of the hill each time  **  Find a hill and if you have skis or a snowboard pop them on and have some fun **  Put some snowshoes on and go walking/climbing ** Put some decent walking boots on and go for a brisk walk, up and down hills if you can – this will burn much more energy than normal walking……. ** Take your camera out and walk to different places getting some good photos for the album….you never know how long it will be until we get snow like this again 🙂  Whatever you do just wrap up well, and if you are climbing mountains make sure you are safe please.

And if that doesnt encourage you to get outside, and feel energised then just head to gym and make sure you get a good session in – and if you really cant get there you can always do some core exercises at home!

So get out there and enjoy yourself – your will feel revitalised….why not post a comment or send us pictures of what you have been up to!

And if you would like to be challenged why not come to the Easter Early Morning Bootcamp starting on 31st March …….or if you would like some sunshine why not book onto the Italian Fitness and Wellbeing Camp on 3rd-9th May 2009. To find out more visit the Courses and Events Page, or call Kim on 07720 845849.