EP Coach Alex’s Spring Blog & PT Slots….

As the Energised Perforamnce Coach Team grows, lead Coach Alex Cosgrove has space to take on some PT clients this Summer …. a popular, experience Bootcamp Coach here is what he has to say….

As i sat down to write my first blog for EP about personal training i think it would be fair to say i suffered from what an author would refer to as “ writers block” .. How and why can people benefit from personal training?? (stick with the reverse psychology )

I then thought back to 6.30 am this morning, yes that’s right am not pm J when myself and 7 fantastic clients headed off over the downs as the sun rose on a fantastic day to work on their leg strength and cardiovascular fitness at early morning Easter bootcamp. As those 7 people sat or stood at their respective jobs later this morning as their colleagues arrived , some perhaps requiring awakening via the “ starbucks phenomenon “ how i wondered did those clients feel? both mentally and physically? I’d like to think amongst other things they felt fit, alert, fresh for the day ahead, energised of course! And i concede perhaps their legs were a little sore!

Ok this was a group class but in essence it highlights in a simple example the beauty of personal training, how a commitment /accountability to a balanced, well structured exercise programme in conjunction with aspects such as nutrition can guide you to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

People of all experience and fitness levels can benefit greatly from the diversity, personalised attention and guidance that one to one PT brings, from those who are new to exercise and perhaps are looking to lose weight to those that wish to run marathons like kim!

An update on my training, Last month i completed my Extreme kettlebell instructors course with Optimal life fitness in London which was a brilliant two day course learning numerous exercises and pieces of information which can improve your sporting performance and posterior chain. I also attended the International fitness convention in Blackpool, at this i learnt some great advice from industry experts via seminars and workshops on topics such as core stability and functional strength to ensure you the EP clients are gaining the most from your training.

I am also settling into my preparations for the Bristol half marathon where im sure many of you will be.

I very much welcome all enquiries into my personal training and wish you all a happy week in the sun.

For all enquiries please email info@energisedperformance.com with your requirements and suitable dates – thank you!  All PT sessions meet at our HQ in Bristol, 12 Harbury Road.