Client Achieving their Goals and Beyond! Well Done:-)


I work with many clients from elite GB team athletes and sports people, to GP referrals and working Mum’s….it is a pleasure to help every individual improve their quality of life and feel good from the inside out.

Alison Carmidy is a client I have worked with for a while – she came to me with lower back problems, and a lack of confidence for the gym.  Over the time that I have worked with Alison (Personal Training, Postural work and NLP/Life Coaching) I have seen her grow in confidence, fitness and ability.  She has run the Race for Life, significantly improved her posture, become much lighter and healthier in herself. 

It has been a huge pleasure working with Alison and I have really enjoyed seeing her shine as the wonderful person that she truly is!  Well Done Alison…….  I have also been training her wonderful daughter Emma and husband, Neil – who have both also significantly improved and it is a pleasure working with them too.

Alison writes…..

“Kim’s role as my personal trainer was sheer fluke, but what a lucky break for me!  Feeling fed up with my long standing fitness programme and seeing little tangible progress, I approached the reception desk at the gym for guidance.  How fortunate for me that it was Kim behind the desk; she was approachable, enthusiastic and really listened with no pushy Sales talk.  I was impressed and decided , if a little nervously, to give one-to- one sessions a go. What a difference these sessions have made.  My confidence in the gym was the first noticeable change.  I had always felt a bit intimidated in the gym, but having extra knowledge about the diverse equipment helped it become a more comfortable environment for me.  A seemingly simple change, but this turned around my attitude to exercise.   On this foundation Kim has enabled me to build; supporting and gently challenging my fitness and nutrition and  developing my  self esteem by life coaching. It’s taken time for these areas of my life to pull together harmoniously, but finally hard won improvement across the board is noticeable and commented on.   Kim’s holistic approach has been key to my success and a catalyst for the positive changes in my life. I look forward to onwards and upwards ……thank you.”

A pleasure Alison – and thank you for allowing me to work with you – you are a star and I look forward to helping you progress even further. 

If you would like to discuss your goals please do give me a call on 07720 845849 or send me an email