Becoming Fitter & Lighter – Top Tips for You :-)



“Have the courage to light the fire within yourself, and have the courage to be everything you know you can be, and would like to be right now….

life is a choice, so choose wisely.”


It is nearly the 1st Feb, one month of 2010 already whizzed by…. so how are you getting on with your goals and New Year’s Resolutions…? I hope you are having the courage to committ to them and make them happen – if you would like some extra support come to our Workshop on Sunday 7th Feb…. discounted prices if you mention this Blog.


So most people wish to get lighter and fitter so we thought we would give you a few of our top tips to help keep you on track and achieve your goals….


* Keep a well being diary writing down what you eat, how you feel, how much sleep you get – then after a few weeks look back and see where you can make the changes. Be really honest with yourself, and you will realise there are areas you can change easily if you are aware.


* Aim to eat little (small portions) and often, with 5 different colours on your plate and a mix of complex carbohydrates, quality protein, good fats and lots of vegetables/fruit.


* Always have breakfast to kick start your metabolism, and try to eat little after 8pm and be in bed by 11pm with TV switched off.


* Try to do at least 20-30mins of daily activity each day – brisk walking is the best and easiest to increase your heart rate, metabolic rate and fat burn.


* Plan three exercise sessions per week – it can be anything from dancing to running, rock climbing to football plus some light weights and core exercises – any questions do let us know.


* Watch your snacks (sugars & crisps) and alcohol intake – these calories can add up really quickly and unstabilise your blood sugars, causing you to eat more and have less energy. Try to snack on vegetables, humous, fruit and yogurts…


* Once you are exercising regularly make sure you mix it up so your body doesn’t get used to it – choose a different exercise class/routine (such as hills or intervals) instead of steady pace and enjoy it!


* Make sure you do one or two weights sessions per week to give you muscle tone, and increase you metabolic rate (and fat burn) at rest – plus you will look leaner, toned and fab for the summer!


* Allow yourself meals and fun time, when you can eat what you like – just be aware of the portion size… and if it does all go a bit over the top for a day it doesnt matter – just get it back in balance and you will be fine…


* Be kind to yourself, have fun and enjoy becoming lighter – focus on what you want, and forget what you do not want…


For more advice, on line coaching, training programmes etc please do contact us or come to you workshop on Sunday 7th Feb (Visit the course and events to book today and save £10 if you mention this Blog) to help make your goals a reality… ! Happy day to you all.