May you be brave, bold & leap into 2020

Happy New Year Team Energised! 🎉🎉

Commit to spending your time in 2020 in a way which evolves the life, thoughts and feelings you want to create, be brave.

“I think the best resolutions are positive, not negative. Things you resolve to start doing, or do more of, rather than simply pleasures you are going to deny yourself and hate yourself for in February when you break your own imaginary rule.” Matt Haig

May you be brave, bold & leap into 2020 when you’re ready, release the pressure to do it all in January – flow into decisions, take risks, do the hard stuff, embrace the great stuff, pause every now & then, make time for what & who matters, don’t keep waiting, learn, go on the adventures, do it, commit, let go of limits, respect yourself and others, be kind, be passionate about true things you do, be well, relax, love & live whole heartedly,

Thank you so much for connecting, sharing, coaching and sharing together, I really value each and every one of you.

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With big support, I believe in you, Kim✨‬

January’s Action for Happiness​ calendar – full of positive actions, give it a try