#ThursdayTherapy: So Tough Mudder…..

EP Massage Therapist Gail joined the Tough Mudder team on Sunday for 11 miles of mud, climbs, freezing water and the best sort of camaraderie….

“So Tough Mudder, while I enjoyed it and loved my team mates, those I went with and everyone else on the course, mentally this one was always going to be tough.

While I have many dislikes i.e. big fast moving spiders, I have to be honest I have never truly faced a fear. For e.g. when I hopped to the edge of the bridge I was about to do a bungee jump off of, I had a ‘what are on earth are you doing’ moment but then didn’t hesitate jumping after the countdown with a massive grin on my face.

Watery stuff however is a whole other matter – don’t get me wrong I can doggy paddle with the best of them but jumping into water terrifies me. On the TM course we had 4 lovely obstacles which included that particular element. I managed (!?!) the first and in many senses the worst, the Arctic Enema, a fast slide fully immersing into water cold enough to knock the breath out of you and then a quick dip under the tyres and out the other side. I did it, not gracefully and definitely not happily but after getting to grips with my mental grit we carried on.

Sewer Rat was the next testing one for me and seemingly easy – climb through a pipe to tip out backwards into water just past knee height – not a problem I thought, I‘ve done the worst one already. Well, after clinging on to the edge of the pipe for what felt like days I eventually splashed into the water, my mental grit had taken a battering and I knew it at that point.

Am I gutted I didn’t even attempt the other two – a mystery obstacle which was a larger and deeper version of Sewer Rat and Walk The Plank – absolutely, was it the right decision – absolutely, will I conquer this particular fear – absolutely but after recovery time and a bit of planning!”

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