#SundayStories: Training for Your Exercise Personality

Energised Client Camilla Dempster has written a guest blog for us on finding the right training for your personality, have a read and let us know what you think……


”  “Just do the things you enjoy and you’ll get results” and “Don’t do that, do this [insert protocol targeting your goal] for the best way to get to your dream body” are two conflicting opinions in the fitness industry.  Some coaches will advise you to do the things you love to get results.  Some will give specific parameters and protocols that are specific to your goal, but aren’t always what you want to do.  I’m going to show you right now how you can do both – follow programs targeted to your goal whilst doing things you really love.


I started working with Kim as my Coach & Mentor a little over 5 years ago and still am!  Initially I  went to her with my big goal of landing a national trainer to the trainers role in one of the UK’s biggest health clubs.  She gave me the tools I needed to gain my dream job and from that I learnt one of the most powerful training styles.  The role was teaching PTA Global, leaders in fitness education. And, from that brilliance I want to pay this forward to you lovely lot.  As a big thank you to Kim.


I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over a decade now and I’ve been a party to punishing workouts, restrictive nutrition and following program that are the ‘right thing to do’.  As well as more enjoyable and playful programs and habit based, evidence driven nutrition.  It’s fair to say that I’ve tried a lot, both with myself and clients.  And I’ve learnt this…


When you’re looking for body composition change, increases in performance or to get your body strong after pregnancy or injury it doesn’t have to be hard or boring.


Exercise, nutrition and lifestyle change doesn’t need to be depriving, tedious nor exhaustive.  The best kind of change is the type you enjoy, get life long results and excite you.


“At the end of the day, nothing that you are emotionally attached to is in the gym” – Annette Lang


So, when you’re family, partner or simply comfy bed/sofa is at home why would you go to the gym or park for a run.  It may be early, dark and cold.  Or perhaps it’s the end of your working day and you’re tired and wired.  The ease to shake of your desired lifestyle changes is high.  Unless you’re intrinsically motivated to go do what you need to do the chance is high that my may skip it.


I’m going to give you a tool right now that will absolutely change things for you.


If you want to want to go to the gym more.  Or not have to literally drag yourself there.  And jump over that guilt of just hating it.  This is for you.


Explore using your personality to match your workouts to you, your lifestyle and your goal.


What this enables is for you to really enjoy what you’re doing, to become the kind of person who can’t wait to get into the gym.  And the type of person who is as consistent as an Olympic athlete.  Getting results.


This is how it’s done:


Ask yourself three questions –

  • Do you prefer comfort or challenge?
  • Do you prefer structure or variety?
  • When you’re stress, to blow off steam, do you prefer to do something calming (like walking or yoga) or something adventurous (like boxing or dancing)?


If you answered all bold options you are considered traditional.  If you answered all italics options you are progressive.  If you answered a mix, you are hybrid.


You like to exercise in a manner that is somewhat ‘old school’ – in the gym with weights doing movements like squat, bench press, deadlifts, chin ups or outside doing running, cycling or swimming. It’s the type of exercise that you have grown up with and feels comfortable to you. It gives you a sense of structure and routine. You’re active in your day to day life and enjoy doing exercise that makes you feel at home.


You like a large variety of exercise – anything from traditional lifting in the gym and cardio to things more complex and technical such as Zumba, circuits and boxing. The type of exercise you enjoy depends upon your mood and stress levels and activity levels during the day. You like a structured challenge and variety in your routine day to day.


You like all the varied, technical and ‘new funky’ types of exercise – crossfit, games, ViPR, Kettleblls, circuits in the park, dance classes, Zumba etc. You get bored easily when you are doing more traditional types of exercise like machine weights and hours on the treadmill. You enjoy a challenge and when you’re looking to ‘escape’ from the daily stress you want a min-adventure.


My question to you is this – now knowing your exercise personality and what you’ve been doing with your exercise routine, does it match?


If what you’re doing and your exercise personality matches the likelihood is that your consistency and enjoyment it high.  Good for you!  Keep going ☺


If, however, what you’re doing is the opposite to your exercise personality you may not be enjoying what you’re doing as much.  This can result in reduced long-term compliance, switching programs/goals frequently and not getting the results you deserve.  My suggestion is to tweak and refine what you’re doing week by week to more towards your exercise personality.


It’s my dream that everyone can find a type of movement that they’re passionate about.  Whilst I was at school I was the kid who came up with all the excuses not to be a part of the PE classes.  I hated exercise.  And, if I’m honest, I didn’t even really like training in a gym before I found this.  Yes I was a personal trainer at the time.


This tool changes things.


It gives you a workout program that you will love.  And when you love what you do you’ll go do it more often.


My brother went to a school that allowed the kids to choose what they wanted to do during PE class – whether it was traditional like rugby and football OR more progressive like dance or climbing.  Because of this choice my brother now climbs for Great Britain and is a route setter in profession.


His whole life has been molded by his choices, following his personality and doing what he loves.  His success is in part due to that.


By really making the commitment to enjoy your movement by listening to what you body really wants you will get life long results.  And you may even enjoy it 😉 ”


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