#WednesdayWorkout: 5 Top Tips to Improve your Cross Country & Off Road Running this Winter



Here are Head Coach Kim’s Top 5 Tips (there are many more if you are interested just follow the blog link)…

  • Get yourself a decent pair of trainers that are suitable for the surface you are running on, and get used to training in them.


  • Plan at least 1-2, 20 minute core sessions per week to strengthen all the different muscles in this area.  By strengthening the core muscles you will increase the stability and control when you land, reducing the risk of injury.  A good mix would be a plank, side crunches, lower leg cycling, dorsal raise and back alternatives.  If you are unsure just comment below, or click on the YOUTube links.


  • Plan 1-2, 20mins leg strengthening sessions using a range of functional exercises including multidirectional lunges, moving squats, calve raises & Gluteal bridges.  You do not need any kit for these exercises, but you can add weights, ViPR, TRX or Swiss Ball if you are confident and would like a challenge.  Body condition classes can provide a good alternative if you find it hard to structure on your own, or you are unsure of technique.


  • Balance and stability is key when the surface is uneven!  Get yourself a stability disc and practise firstly balancing on one leg for 60 secs with your hips remaining level, standing on the ground.  Then repeat standing on the stability disc – keep your core engaged and head up.  This will really help build up ankle stability.  Aim to do this most days for 2-4 weeks, and then 1-2 times per week.


  • Make time for quality stretching, foam rolling & sports massage.  The key to preventing any niggles becoming problems, and improving your performance.  Tight, tired muscles will not give great long term results.  If you are unsure of what to do join a Pilates, Sports Yoga or Body Balance class, or check out our clips to find out more.




Any thoughts or comments do let us know, here to support and advise 🙂