#ThursdayTherapy: What is proprioception?

 EP Therapist Gail explains that proprioception “is your brains awareness of where your body is in space…
As part of the Sports Therapy course I’m completing at the moment we had a nice little refresher on #proprioception, what it means and how important it is with performance and post injury recovery.
We have 3 main systems to identify where our limbs and torso are in space and what movement we have within that space.
10% comes from your visual system, 20% from your vestibular (balance organs) and 70% from your proprioceptors all around the body. Our brains then decipher all of that information and decide what to do.
Part of the problem with an #injury is the sensory input from your proprioceptors (pain) and your brains capacity to remember it (pain). After an injury the brain needs a little help to discard that memory so training in proprioception can allow that memory to be rewritten therefore reduce the chances of a repeat injury.
In early stages of #rehab this would include simple tasks before gradually increasing to more complex and demanding exercises, for e.g. with an ankle injury you may start with simple band exercises and balancing on one leg with your end target being dynamic and explosive movements on one leg.
This kind of training is useful regardless of whether you’ve been injured or not – as we get older we tend to stop running and jumping so our agility/proprioception decreases. HIIT and #plyometrics training are great ways to improve awareness, stability and performance.”
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Infographic (c) Vivobarefoot