#WednesdayWorkout Thought ….Have a Lazy Day

Have a Lazy Day…. what do you reckon?!

I mean, when was the last time you took your recovery, sleep and wellbeing as a priority?

I coach so many people, and it’s interesting, from Fitpro’s to CEOs to media to everyday people, and there is one thing in common….. the need to set goals, to make things happen, to continually improve. I get it. I agree.

But what I actually think is way more important, is to listen to you. To your own body, to become your own detective. Yes, you want to train hard, gain a promotion, be the best parent, lover, friend, learn a new skill, travel, explore… but just every now and then (or perhaps a few hours each week and few days each few months), stop.

Stop and check in with you. How are YOU really feeling?

Is what you are doing working for you? Are you loving it? Does it excite you, fill you with a little fear, fill you with possibility and potential just what if I did that….

Or are you running on what I call bad energy… a cycle of motivation and focus that you believe is good, but if you actually stopped, you would not feel so good?

Just a thought. I had a client yesterday who said, wouldn’t it be great if someone just wrote about having a damn good day off? Well, here it is…. go and create a damn good day off. Have FUN, laugh, recover, reflect, re focus and enjoy it.

And this doesn’t mean ‘ruining’ all the work you have done, it means learning to love the changes you are making, embracing your new level of fitness, happiness and focus whilst having a good time and being flexible.

I would Love to know what your best Lazy, Recovery day would be…. for me, it’s about a walk in the great outdoors, by the sea in Wales or up a hill in Scotland, cooking a big wonderful roast, listening to some great music and eating with friends, watching a good film or I’m loving a bit of Scandel on Sky……

Tweet me @kimingleby what your best recovery day and food is…. make it count and you will see the results happen, I promise you, Detective Kimpossible…..