Recipes for Friday Feel Good

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In the meantime try this Friday #Feelgood Lamb Kofta’s with Cauliflower & Carrot Mash recipe from #KimsKitchen…🍜🍴

Lamb Kofta’s:
Organic, quality lamb minced meat
Can of chickpeas
Red onion finely sliced
Optional 1 organic egg
Cumin, Lemon juice
Chilli, black pepper, Garlic
Coconut Oil
Blend together and lightly grill

With mashed:
Tahini paste
Olive Oil
Parsley or sage
Lemon juice

Lightly browned sesame seeds and cumin seeds sprinkled over the top of it all!

Takes about 45mins to prep and cook, packed full of good spices and herbs, and energy,

Let us know how you get on with it, share your photos & recipes!!
Kim and the Team 🙂

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