#SundayThought Mindset tips for switching to Trail Running

Have you wanted to try trail running but not sure how to prepare for the differences to road running? Things like pace and times need re-evaluating due to the more technical nature of trail running.


These tips from Polar​ can also be applied when switching from road cycling to mountain biking.

Another side of trail running is ankle stability, the softer ground will help with issues like shin splints but will test the stability and strength in your ankles.

For tips on how to strengthen your ankles for trail running check out our ankle stability blog HERE

And lastly allow time to make the transition, preparation is an invaluable tool, also make time for quality stretching, foam rolling & sports massage.  The key to preventing any niggles becoming problems, and improving your performance. Tight, tired muscles will not give great long term results.

Big Support Kim and The Team x

PS. Anything you’re not sure of, or if you’ve signed up for a race and would some advice and support, pop a comment below or email info@energisedperformance.com.


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