Boost your Immunity with our #FridayFood Fruit Formula’s

We often find that during the winter month’s parties, lack of sleep and training cause our clients Immunity to be comprimised.  Try these mixes to boost your energy and immunity…. let us know which you think is best :-)!
1. Cherries – mix these into yogurt with some seeds, post a long endurance session to boost recovery
2. Grapes & blueberries – add to your porridge or protein pancakes in the morning, perfect morning energy & anti oxidant boost
3. Peaches & Mango – baked with fresh mint, ginger & yogurt, yummy lunchtime snack to boost energy
4. Apples – with cottage cheese
5. Watermelon & Pineapple – post a big training session to hydrate or in the morning with parma ham or eggs
6. Oranges – freeshly squeezed with lime, ginger, avocado, spinach smoothie – super foods
7. Strawberries & Bananas – with coconut milk and protein powder (optional) recovery smoothie
8. Kiwi with a few brazil nuts or almonds to boost immunity
Keep a look out for Kim’s Kitchen recipes and ideas coming in 2016, love to know which you like best or your own ideas!