EP Coach Paul’s first 10km & 4 Top Tips

Even though I have played sport and been active all my life, I have never had the ‘pleasure’ of taking part in an organised race. In fact the furthest I had run before this was 1 mile as part of a relay race around Easton. So, I decided to go a bit further and put all my work from bootcamps and kettlebell sessions to use and entered the Weston Christmas Cracker 10km race, along with around 30 other energised people! As someone who has always enjoyed team sports I have steered clear of activities such as running, cycling and swimming etc. However, I was most surprised to thoroughly enjoy the day and thought I would share a few tips that I found helpful to me in my first race.

  1. Get some proper shoes! – I have always suffered with shin splints whilst running but after getting my running style analysed and having some trainers recommended for my ‘over pronating feet!’ I found that this made a massive difference in comfort when running and no ankle or shin pain! MAGIC!

           2. Need a Goal? – If you are struggling for motivation or want a challenge, sign up for a race, it really helped me focus my attention for a fixed date. Once you have paid up and       registered you can’t change the race date so NO excuses, you’ve got to be ready!

  1. Don’t go alone. – If you can convince a friend, group or work colleagues to join you for your race it really helps keeping you focussed and motivated. Going with Team Energised was brilliant as it made the day more enjoyable and with a wide range of running levels there is always someone at your level to run with!
  1. ENJOY! – For your first race don’t worry too much about the time. Use it as a trial run; focus on technique, being relaxed, breathing and enjoying it! Take your time and if you need to walk some parts that’s fine! Enjoy the run, atmosphere and then look to improve on times in future races.

If you would like us to help you help you achieve your goals in 2013 and get fitter, lighter and stronger just comment below or contact us.  I would love to train you (or sports massage), have a happy Christmas, Paul and the Team